You already have a WordPress site and you have the idea to revolutionize to take it to the next level to improve it.

The best solution, if you are not an expert in computer science and added plugins realized by computer designers.

Definition of a plugin (module)WordPress

What is a WordPress plugin?

A WordPress plugin is an essential tool to improve certain aspects of your site,

The plugin, where extension in French, is a module that is added to your site in order to extend your options and features.

There are thousands of them to meet all types of needs.

Many of them are free, but some are paid.

If you want to buy one, do some research before you can gather reviews and comments that will help you in your choice.

Compatibility and security

For compatibility:

You just have to check on the theme, files and database of your WordPress that the desired plugin can work.

For safety:

we advise you to choose from the WordPress directory and not on a third-party site, if your WordPress plugin hasn't been updated for some time, beware because the flaws may be in greater numbers, which hackers like.

If you are hosted with Blogs-Know, the technical service and there to advise you for free And even on your request you install it and check its proper functioning.

Please consult us for more information and seek the advice of a technician

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