Don't neglect the packaging

The choice of the latter is crucial for your export business.

It should allow you not only to protect your goods from shocks or bad weather, but also to optimize the cost of tr

Stall your products efficiently

There is nothing like a good stall to prevent a product from moving through its packaging.

It will be protected from external and possibly indoor shocks if it is in the same carton as a second product.

Save with packaging

Volume weight is a tariff standard used by carriers for export.

By reducing the weight of cardboard, stalling and adapting the packaging to the dimensions of your products you can save money on your shipments.

Labelling for a good trip

Your shipping slip or customs documents should not be placed in any way on your package.

The barcode must also always be perfectly readable.

Make sure your shipments can be transported

Some products are highly regulated or simply banned for export.
Make sure your goods are allowed to be imported into the destination country.

Sending to the European Union is easy

Within the Union, goods circulate freely, no need to be bothered by customs formalities except in certain territories.

Outside Union, it's easy too

Contrary to what one might think, exporting outside the EU is not very complicated. Simply identify the required documents such as the shipping slip or the invoice.

Identify the right carrier

Each carrier is more or less present all over the world. It's up to you to identify the best partner based on your destinations and export targets.

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